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Design & Quote Process

We will gladly work with you to design a system that meets your specific requirements. The design process includes creating a computer-generated model, once we have your basic dimensions. There is no charge for this service (up to 3 hours design time). We may send (fax, email or mail) you many iterations of the design-until you are happy with a final design. This way, we will design the system that best fits your needs.

System Quotes
To enable us to quote a system for you, please mail or fax a rough sketch with the following accurate measurements:

  • Dimensions of your room
  • Height from ceiling to top of door
  • Wall and ceiling construction
  • Any other special considerations

We will then send you -- at no charge -- a detailed, computer-generated drawing of the system layout for your approval. Prices are subject to change without notice. Please call for a quote before ordering.

Sky-Trestle systems are designed to be installed by anyone. If you can drill a hole, use a level, a tape measure, and a screwdriver, you can install a suspended system. They are not difficult to install, but will take some patience. We at Loco-Boose are available for any support necessary over the phone during installation.

Depending upon your location, professional installation may be available. Please call if you would like to have the system installed by a Loco-Boose Hobbies representative.

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