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Commercial Systems

Loco-Boose Hobbies manufactures high-quality wooden suspended railway systems in "G" and "O" scales for indoor commercial use. A suspended railway system in a place of business offers enjoyment to customers as well as helping attract new customers by word of mouth. Virtually any design is possible.

We understand the commercial use of a suspended train system and the unique requirements that go along with it. For example, commercial environments require that the trains run for hours on end and thus, we recommend systems using larger radius curves to minimize wear and tear on engines as well as to reduce maintenance down time. In addition, as part of our system design, we determine the proper power requirements based on the track design and type of trains you plan to use. Furthermore, to address public safety requirements, we have designed a guardrail system to help protect customers in case of a train derailment.

When desired, we also recommend including bridges, tunnels, passing sidings, signals, and signs to add to the character of your system. Another appealing design feature that many customers choose is to run multiple trains on one track. Even better, this feature can be implemented using "off the shelf" electronics without the need for a computer or any special customization.

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