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LGB of America's 1st Authorized Installer!
G-Scale Sky-Trestle

Our G-scale systems are designed for use with LGB track. The reason we selected their track is due to their high quality products. Their plastic ties sit directly on our wooden ties so that when you look up at a system, you will see just the wooden ties. Their brass rails are probably the best available. LGB uses a brass alloy with a very high copper content. This makes the rail less susceptible to brass oxide--a black powder that builds up on all makes of brass rails. It also increases the electrical carrying capacity and has a wonderful appearance.

The track is suspended from ceilings or walls or a combination of each. Our standard bracket consists of a wooden wall bracket, wooden hanging brackets and a few types of brass hanging brackets. The type of bracket is usually designed to complement existing decor. Toggle bolts are generally used to attach the bracket to the wall or ceiling. Dry wall screws or lag screws are used whenever necessary. All types of brackets are well secured and work extremely well.

We design our G-scale Sky-Trestle systems using LGB's standard curves with a centerline radius of 30.6", 47" and 91.3". These are referred to as LGB R2, R3 and R5 curves. Custom curves other than these sizes can also be ordered.

Items that add to the uniqueness of a system include wooden bridges, snow sheds, railroad signs, depot lampposts, tunnels, switches, building fronts, etc. We like to recommend these as they will make your system look more realistic.

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