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Photograph by Bernd Billmayer, © 1999
LGB of America's 1st Authorized Installer!
G-Scale Lamps
  • Each lamp and lamppost is made from 100% brass and powder coated in flat black for outdoor use

  • Each lamp and lamppost is computer-machined for accuracy

  • Lamps have been designed after original lampposts -- some still in use today

  • Replaceable 14 volt bulb (.065 mA) with soldered and insulated leads (we recommend 10 volts for more realistic appearance)

  • 3 lamppost styles available (can be attached to any platform by drilling a 1/4" hole to mount in)
    • Chama (Western) type
    • Eastern type
    • Station type (most common)

  • 2 building lamps available
    • Fancy depot style
    • Simple freight building type

Depot Building Lamp
Part # DBL10

Standard Depot Lamp Post
Part # DLP20

Freight Dock Lamp
Part # FDL22

Detail of Depot Lamp Shade

Chama Depot Lamp Post
Part # DLP10

Depot Lamp on the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Rwy. Chama, NM
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