G-Scale Accessories
Bridges & Portals
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Photograph by Bernd Billmayer, © 1999
LGB of America's 1st Authorized Installer!
Bridges & Portals

Bridges and Portals (tunnels) add a very special touch to any system. All of our bridges and portals are hand-crafted out of wood--very similar to the real ones from the late 1800's. We offer many styles of bridges including:

  • Arch
  • Deck
  • Pony Truss
  • Through Howe
  • Covered
  • and custom bridges as well

Our portals and tunnels can accommodate either single track or dual track layouts--even at an angle as many real tunnels were. The wood structure on the outside of a tunnel, called the portal, can be 3-dimensional or simply a face to the tunnel. Because of the special character and quality manufacturing of our bridges and tunnels these accessories often end up as the centerpiece of the layout.

Single Track Portal

Dual Track Portal

Pony Truss Bridge 4 Foot

Pony Truss Bridge 4 Foot

Through Howe Bridge 4 Foot

Arch Bridge

Deck Bridge

Covered Bridge
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